2010 Mugneret-Gibourg Wines

I have tasted the Bourgogne and the NSG Chaignots. Vosne to go. I would love to find some Chambolle. I don’t need the Grand Crus unless they happen to be reasonable.

This is the greatest small grouping of wines I have ever tasted from this Domaine. This is the kind of vintage that the sisters just kill. The Bourgogne is easily a village level wine. (Easily!)
It is actually better than most village level wines I have tasted. NSG Chaignots is very Vosne-like but with more density. The intensity of fruit is absolutely a stunner. Wow!

no missteps since they took over during the 1988 harvest!

Good Luck, Don. MG and Lafarge were the hardest for me to get in the UK - yields were way way down. I would hop on whatever you get offered at a reasonable price!



Not much difference in price between the NSG Chaignots ($115) and the Vosne ($90) here on the east coast. Worth the price for both?

The NSG is VERY special. It is worth the tariff despite the fact that I was buying these in the double digits for quite a while. I have yet to taste my Vosnes. They are being held for me. FWIW.

Great to hear! Got a 6 pack of the NSG coming in sometime hopefully in the near future.

Agree Don. Tasted the lineup at the domaine last November. The NSG has 40% new wood. I thought it excellent. Tasted with the 08 which was also good. The Chambolle Feusselottes was beautiful with a huge perfume, red fruits and great structure. The Echezeaux and Ruchottes, both with 80% new wood, were spectacular with unbelievable balance…the Ruchottes a bit more complex imo. And of course the Clos Vougeot…huge, dark fruited, spice and again super balance. You will love them if you haven’t tasted them yet. They hit it out of the park in 2010 imo.

Great news Don. The M-G wines are some of my very favorite wines in the world. I will definitely be buying as much of these as I can.

Don you are killing me here with those notes…

Thanks. I have a few comming from the UK. As always I should have bought more.

Where do you find the Bourgogne if you dont mind me asking.

Loving the 10’s in both colours Don and can’t wait to try a few of these.

Only locally in Atlanta. Haven’t had any offers on it yet.


Couldn’t agree more. The Chaignots is just a great wine every year. I served another 2 bottles of the 2000 on saturday night at a dinner party and they were fabulous as usual. My big mistake was only buying the chaignots in 6 packs every year from 05 on as previously I bought full cases!



We tasted the 2010s from barrel at the domaine last summer and I have to agree - the 2010s are just stunning. burgundy day 1 - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

The sisters have a gift, not to mention their charm.

Seems like prices are creeping up with the Domaine’s deserved popularity (and ofcourse the production decrease for '10). For the 08 VR I paid $55. The 09 was $59. The '10 retail price is currently around $85 in the US. Not sure if we’ll see much price adjustment, especially considering the quantity limitations and seemingly increased demand.

I have absolutely no doubt that this is lovely juice of 1er quality. Nevertheless, it’s hard to completely ignore the $'s.


Yes, I agree. I’m sure the wine is excellent, but I’m not sure I understand why people are so eager to buy their Chaignots at a tab that’s 3 times the price of Chevillon and Gouges, who are maestros of Nuits.

I have not seen that difference in price. Although, certainly 2010 MG wines are much more expensive than previous vintages.

2010 Chevillon and Gouges Chaignots were both $39.99 at PC. Admittedly I don’t actually have them in hand, but…


Did you pay in Confederate money?