2010 Hudelot-Noellat Clos Vougeot

I have a few from Premier Cru. This one is a big leaker.
I was concerned so I opened it.

Absolutely stunning. Unwinds with air. Aromatic. Maybe a little elevage note but it adds complexity and interest. So sexy. Incredible texture. Dark fruit. Long finish.


Thanks Don. Good to know. Started buying these after tasting stunning '99.

I’ve had several leakers from this producer, shipped reputably. They tend to have very high fills and I’ve ascribed it to this and tried not to sample the wines early, hoping for the best.

I spend my whole day fixing leakers. Don’t want to come home to one. Nice notes.

Loved Murgers so it’s sounds like Charles nailed all of the '10s. Just got some '01 CV hope it’s this good.

Yeah, plumbers have a tough life.

Actually, seems like I spent my day signing death certificates–three from the weekend. I don’t want to come home to that either. But I’ve resisted drinking these HN leakers (mine from 08) early so far. Wish me luck.

Seriously - if they are leaking from much too warm shipping, they are compromised anyway, it really doesn´t matter if you open it soon or in years to come … even there´s the hope that they somehow recover a bit …

And if they are leaking due to very high fill … it doesn´t matter even less … they are ok and opening would be a waste.

OK, if one has several leaking bottles, and opens ONE just to see if there is an issue … this I do understand.

Maybe a little elevage note but it adds complexity and interest.

Hmmm, I read ‘elevage’ as ‘cleavage’ on my first scan.

I stumbled on that one too. But seriously though, what is an elevage note? Presumably something gained in the cellar that wasn’t there in the vineyard. Brett? Oak?

Another 2010 winner, glad you chose to open it Don. Nice note!


Oak spice or char.

They’re not leaking from warm shipping and they’re not leaking from high fills either. They’re leaking from too much CO2 in the wine.

Good. So then is there any reason to question the safety of aging those HN leaker bottles?

I think the 2010s for the most part have high fills and show signs of leakage. Every 2010 HN Vosne and Chambolle I’ve tried (10-12 or so) had the cork stained all the way up. They also develop that puffy capsule after a few months to support the high gas argument (bit reduced so I don’t know if it is CO2 or sulfur).

This! This is a temperature phenomena however. Just doesn’t require over 85F like fluid expansion. The partial pressure of the CO2 is probably reaching near champagne levels in the headspace. Nice preservative. This is the downside however. He should probably think about using the champagne crown caps with the metal cage. champagne.gif

I still like tasting early. The leakers are the prime candidates.

[bow.gif] [bow.gif]

One for the team and appeasingly good.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

Hoodly Noodly bottles always seem to leak. The 2010 Murgers was awesome though.

Wish I had bottles of the 2010 RSV…