2010 Francois Carillon Puligny-Montrachet Les Referts

Dark color, typical aromas and flavors of Premox that worsened over time.

That is too bad. I’ve had this several times, most recently in August, and every bottle has been great. In fact, I have rebought this a couple of times.

Ditto…head scratcher.

One could just figure that into the cost of the wine, and always bring a couple of backup bottles each time you take a WB somewhere, but I am too pissed off to play it that way.

Ouch :frowning:. Opening a Louis version from 2005 tonight, which has been consistently young and lovely over the last couple of years.

So what does Robert do in response to this? He opens an 2010 Roulot instead, which I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of. Pristine, youngish, beautiful Meursault.

How about a positive note on the Roulot Robert?

I recently bought 5 '10 Jacques Carillon Puligny Montrachet’s. So far 2 have been premox’ed, and one was delicious.

Oh, OK!
The Roulot Meursault Tessons was excellent…light in color, with a nose slightly spearmint and herbal, lovely weight on the palate, and vibrant with balanced acidity and a fairly long finish. Pretty damn good for a village wine. At a good spot now and should continue to develop for years.

Of course, after the dead Carillon PM Referts, I felt fortunate to be in the land of the living. And unfortunate that Roulot both in our market and on the internet is subject to price gouging, which I will not participate in, and this was my last Roulot.
So it goes.

Problem not solved yet, eh?
I love hearing the optimistic pronouncements from some about how Premox has been solved.

Thanks for the note on the Roulot Robert.

Grrr - the '05 was oxidising, drinkable but not good.

We’ll certainly this is hugely frustrating. I purchased 4 of the 2010 F. Carillon PM village, opened two this year and both were very enjoyable, crisp dry white burgs. Hopefully I’ve got a good batch.

Rich - I have pretty positive experience with Carillon (Louis and Jacques) across many many bottles, and the other '05s recently have all been excellent. Hopefully your 2010s should be all good.