2010 Domaine G. Roumier MSD Clos de la Bussière

Decanted for 2 hours. Black fruit, morello cherries, bordering on raspberry. Some gamey wildness with a crack of pepper. Smokey, feu de bois. An elegant vanillin note. Fresh and very dry on the palate. Tannins are very fine and unobtrusive but very evident in the way the wine tightens up mid-palate. It is a full bodied wine but it runs a tight course never missing a beat. It is a sumo wrestler walking a tight rope. Delicious but demanding.

Roumier is making fabulous wine. Structured, nuanced, fresh but full. These wines wear so many different shoes so well. Very successful. I specifically purchased four to martyr one for hedonistic pleasure and save the other three for the cellar. If you have a few don’t hesitate to sacrifice one. If you have one or two I would suggest forgetting them. They aren’t built to please all on release.

Disclaimer: I have loved the Bussière for some years now and I put this cuvée just behind the Les Cras. I really enjoy the masculine rustic qualities that are perfectly offset by the voluptuous and grand touch of Roumier.

Sigh. Not offered the '10. Will console myself with '08 & '09.

nice note. still have a couple of 06 of which the 1st 4 blew me away. masculine is a nice way to put it.