2010 Bedrock Sauvignon Blanc with petrol smell?

Thanks. Have you (or anyone else) tried making dessert wine from your Semillion grapes since then?

thanks Fred, got this which I found interesting. for me specifically, I taste the terpene flavor in cab sauvignon, frequently, which is a major reason I’m not a Cab lover. I may be hyper sensitive but good to know I’m not crazy…

Cabernet Sauvignon: … The “black currant” fragrance is very desirable, yet it does not come from molecules similar to those in black currants. It is actually based on complex terpene interaction. Aromatic thiol compounds are involved in the similarities between the varietal aromas of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


To answer your question, no, but I am tempted. Perhaps this vintage.

I recently purchased a very good restaurant cellar with a few bottles of ten year old Beringer Nightingale and cracked one open the other night. Very good but not even close to the intensity or ageability of the Mr K.

Brian, good link to the chemistry of varietal aromatics.

I think you are going to smell the terpenes in Cab more than tasting them, since they are present in trace amounts.

You may not be “a cab lover” due to the pyrazines in Cabernet as the pyrazines would contribute to the vegetal or bell pepper aromas while the terpenes would manifest themselves in fruitier or cassis aromas. Is it the cassis or bell pepper or both that you dislike in Cab?