2009 St. Innocent Villages Cuvee PN

Just had a bottle of this for the first time last night at Bazin’s on Church in Vienna, VA… what an absolute delight! (the wine and restaurant) I don’t really do formal notes so just bear with me. This wine was popped and poured at actual room temperature and it was delicious. I can only imagine how good it would have been had it been stored at 55 and given some time to breath. I don’t know the characteristics that surround 2009 in OR pinot, but to me it seemed refined and precise. It as if it was condensed into full fruit flavors, but without the weight… if that makes any sense. Nothing big or oaky about this wine. Slightly soft, but lively and enjoyable medium length finish. Apparently it can be had for around $20, so I’m looking around trying to purchase some today. I think this wine outdrinks it weightclass. Perhaps others can chime in with a more intelligent review of the wine.

That’s an impressive review, and honestly at odds with my early impression of the 09 vintage. 2009 was hot, the majority of the (few) wines I’ve tried as of yet have showed that heat. I’ll have to add this StI to my list to try, as refined and precise are among my favorite descriptors of pinot!

Thanks for the report

Great note. Thank you!

Restaurants that serve wine at actual room temperature need to be outlawed from serving anything above Yellow Tail or Woodbridge.

Ha, grrrrrrrrreat, don’t hold me to that. I really enjoy WesMar pinot, but the StI isn’t at that level of being refined by any means. But I didn’t find this one to be jammy, hot, or over the top in anyway. And considering it was room temperature, I was pretty pleased with it. Again, take my review with a grain of salt. I do drink a lot of pinot and can tell the difference between a Kosta Browne and a WesMar, but my lack of a refined palette could lead some astray. Just sayin.

I’d guess you were spot on given that producer’s style.

I would agree. This is a great spot and I typically remember to ask them to chill reds while we look over the menu, but this time I got distracted and forgot. But still, considering that it was served at 72 or whatever, it showed well.

Thanks for the thoughts on this. I have one on deck. Thinking it will need some time but wanted see if I should get more. There have been some concerning comments about the vintage.

I enjoy WesMar as well but there styles are very very different. Certainly the location plays a big part. SI wines would generally be more austere and animal rather than pretty. I would consider WesMar wines to be much riper.


I’m interested to see what you think. There is a chance I’m totally off-base on this. Or it could just be palette variation. To me, WesMar is pretty. The SI isn’t in the same category, but it wasn’t a bruier… to me at least. [cheers.gif]

It’s a terrific wine for the $$. Has a fair amount of my Zenith young vines fruit in it.