2009 Santiago Ruiz O Rosal (Rías Baixas) w/ Fresh Shellfish.

On the 6th April 2010, after visiting Antoni Gaudí’s La Pedrera (a.k.a., Casa Milà) and stopping by Casa Amatller for chocolates to take back to Manila, Catha and I headed for more of Ribera Manero’s excellent fresh seafood. Here is where Miguel and Tita Rose took us to our first lunch in Barcelona this trip, and I’d been dying to go back for more since.

It happens to be in a mall: Les Corts, l’Illa, Avinguda Diagonal, 557
08029 Barcelona

I immediately ordered a bottle of…

2009 Santiago Ruiz O Rosal (Rías Baixas) - a refreshingly crisp, vibrantly fruity but dry go-to albariño off the restaurant’s wine list (perfect with fresh seafood), and we were good to go. This simple, light-bodies, joyful/playful wine was eagerly up to the task: lightly floral, honest fruit, healthy acidity and a dry, refreshing lift - you name it for fresh seafood. It’s slightly almond-bitter notes past mid-mouth and to the finish make it lip-smackingly good, appetite-boosting and so dangerously drinkable.

It is also inexpensive, making it a great house white and/ or perfect for pairing any dish involving fresh, simply-prepared shellfish wherever one is.

Anchoas con Pan de Tomate

Percebes (In-Season Barnacles from Galicia)

Razor Clams (I got 2 orders of this)

Chanquetes (small, creamy fish somewhat reminiscent of our local Dulong)

Gambas a la Plancha, the best I’ve had this trip.

The above-depicted rice dish was recommended to us by a very charming and efficient Filipina waitress who works there, and it was absolutely excellent. Not to be missed. Excellent call. I love this restaurant.

Next, this trip’s last hurrah dinner in Barcelona with Tita Rose: Roast 21-Day Old Lamb and more.