2009 Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta

Ticket for the events went on sale yesterday. We ordered ours and our plans are as follows:

Wednesday, 23 Sept. - Guest Chef Demo and Tasting with Charles Dale (Terra @ Encantado Resort) and wines from Alma Rosa Winery

Thursday, 24 Sept. - Tête du Cuvée Champagne Master Class

Thursday, 24 Sept. - Wines and Wineries of Vega Sicilia

Friday 25 Sept. - Live Auction and Guest Chefs’ Luncheon (we’ll also have a dinner for six at our home at auction)

Saturday 26 Sept. - Grand Food & Wine Tasting at the Opera Grounds

We’re not doing any Guest Chef luncheons this year, we thought we’d try a couple winery dinners. We’re also not doing as many events as some years.

The website for anyone who is interested is: santafewineandchile.org .

I am jealous. This is something I have always wanted to attend but never had the chance. Enjoy!

We’ve been to every one since '93 or '94. Even when we were both still working, we made a point of attending during the last part of the last week of September. It has been handy that we’ve had a home here in Santa Fe the whole time, although we were working and living in SoCal.

When I retired at the end of September 2000, my last day of work was the Friday before Wine & Chile started on Wednesday. It was a great way to start retirement.