2009 Pepiere Muscadet

Ripe and saline, like biting into a fresh oyster-peach.

A wonderful Pepiere. Some chalky, quartzy notes emerge with air.

thanks for reminder. I had this at the CSW Haiti benefit, and quite liked. Now I need to buy some! M. Dressner was saying this was an early bottling ( I assume this is same) and next should be better, but I quite liked.

Didn’t even realize the '09 was out yet, Jay - thanks for the head’s up!

Which bottling is this you are all referring to? The Eden, or the Clos des Briords??

Just the basic bottling (does Marc O still make the Eden- haven’t seen in a few vintages?).

The Gras Mouton is the new Eden.

From the Polaner website:

"This year’s Cuvée Eden is sourced entirely from the famed Gras Mouton plot, a parcel with a long-standing reputation in the area. The soil is deeply fractured gneiss (whereas La Pépière and Les Briords vineyards are granite). This type of soil, as well as a gentle slope toward the river Maine (about 1/2 a mile away) allow excellent drainage. Marc Ollivier has 2 hectares in the plot.

“This bottling is replacing Cuvée Eden, which was previously made out of 1/2 a hectare of Gras Mouton and the remaining half from a plot with similar soil. Ollivier let go of that plot when he was able to add 1.5 hectares of Gras Mouton.”

If I remember the story correctly (and I rarely do) Marc gave up other plots to acquire more of the (in his opinion) geologically superior Gras Mouton but it will take a while for his viticultural improvements to fully take hold on the newer sections.

Yes, he’s saying the same thing now. But I say this is so good, why wait?