2009 Dauvissat-Camus la Forest

2009 Dauvissat-Camus la Forest–Healthy color. Pulls the usual Dauvissat trick of being expressionless upon opening. Decanted, and in an hour it comes nicely alive. Lime/citrus, saline on the nose and palate, slight hint of honey. The palate has some more richness than the average year, but this does not come with any feeling of heaviness. Oh, and of course no sign of oxidation, thankfully. Overall, a great pleasure. I went pretty light on 2009 Chablis, as I have a tendency to avoid the riper, atypical Chablis years, but tasting this, I think my fears were unfounded, at least for Dauvissat. (had with fresh halibut in creme fraiche and caper sauce, with a hash brown potato/kale thing that we just made up).

This is great to read, as some of the notes on ct (I have the other label) sound a little iffy. Any thoughts on ideal time to pop these?

Most of the cellar tracker notes actually looked fairly positive to me, if you exclude the folks that clearly don’t know chablis. I would certainly think you can be drinking this now. It should last quite a while (5-10 more years, or more) but no reason to wait. I haven’t tried any GC’s but I would think you could be drinking those as well. be sure you allow for the hour of air it needs. (also should note I’ve had one premoxed bottle)