2009 Beaujolais - Shout them out...

John, Thanks so much for the interesting summary. I always love the Beaujolias summaries in your newsletter and this is a great supplement to those.

One 2009 Moulin a Vent that I had and really liked (about the only one I have tasted so far) was from Thibault Liger-Belair. Does he do a lot with Beaujolais? I have had his Burgs before but never before the Beaujolais.

+1. Thank you John

I believe Metras was imported for a single year by Kermit early in the '90s, but not since then although his wines make it through other channels. He likes warm years and ripeness, and does a better job then perhaps anyone in these years in my experience, so if you see his '09s pick them up.

I had the 09 Lapierre Morgon the other night – ridiculously fruity and fun. Delicious.

Friend visited him this last week and said '09 Ultime is ridic.

There are some Beaujolais producers who use no sulfur for bottling, correct?

Can someone identify who those producers are?

Minimal would be more of a proper way to frame it.

Metras, Lapierre, Thevenet, Breton, Foillard, Chamonard (I believe) are the major ones.

John Gilman or anyone else, any thoughts about some of the selections from my local store here? I’ve tried to cull out a few options from producers that you mentioned in your post.




Are any of these over the hill or not ready yet? Thanks!

Breton I find does very well in more structured vintages like '02, '05.

Vissoux '08 Tradition is one of the great successes of this difficult vintage. I like it a lot. More terroir and grit though than riper vintages like '05, '02, '09 and even '06. I’d air it out for 20 mins.

Thivin I’ve never really liked but I can’t see how it would not be interesting to experiment. '08 is lean. Brouilly is austere in its youth especially in lean vintages, but ultimately ages beautifully. Not a conclusive answer I know but Thivin is a polarizing wine to me.

Oh…if this is all that is available in your area, I’d try.

Particularly for the beginners – recently I led a Berserker Exploration Week for Beaujolais.

I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately most of what I bought was so light in style that it was a little hard for me to get into. STILL please read my first message, I tried hard to list all of the best producers, and these are people who are going to make wonderful wine in 2009. Maybe we need to try another BOJO exploration in a few months when the 2009’s are available everywhere.

Berserker Wine Exploration Week 3/21-28/2010: BEAUJOLAIS - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Did you give these wines lots of decanting? Being such a high-acid wine these usually are very ungenerous when popped and poured but transform into quite fruity wines with lots of air (sometimes 5+ hours).

Try what?

Here’s another few:




Anything jump out to you from those?


Thanks Lyle. I may see if I can purchase and try the Vissoux tonight or sometime soon, and I’ll post my thoughts on this thread (not that anyone should care about my opinions, other than maybe just to hear an outsider’s impression).

Lyle knows more than I do about Beaujolais in general, but I thought the Vissoux Garants was a bottling made to age - a Fleurie somewhat like Coudert’s grown in the area abutting Moulin-a-Vent. Vissoux’s other Fleurie - the Poncie - is popular as an early drinker. Just my 2 cents.

I have not had any 2007’s, less Foillard’s Morgon CDP, that I thought were not great pop and pours including Vissoux’s, but you are right about Garants, vis a vis the Poncie, it is meant to age longer, although the Poncie is no slouch in the aging department.



Does anyone know if the Burgaud Morgon Cote du Py Vielles Vignes is the same as the “reserve”

It’s not. Burgaud’s website