2008 Rhys, Bearwallow, PN, AV

Pop and pour. This is a lovely Anderson Valley wine. Very representative of the appellation. Dark but not opaque. Crisp cherries and pomegranate flavors. Lively light palate that shows of the freshness of the wine. Medium length. Saved a bit for tomorrow night to how it evolves.

Worth opening now or wait?

Tim, I’d guess this is more ready than the Demuth you drank recently, but it’ll hold for several more years.

Peter, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation for long! IMO, this is drinking very well right now, although I’m sure it could improve for the long haul. Interestingly, there was a tweet from Rhys today declaring that they thought 2008 was their best vintage to date (barring the upcoming 2010s of course), and I would agree that based on my samplings, most of these are turning out quite well (though, I would reiterate, do NOT under any circumstances touch the Horseshoe).


That says a lot. Might have to open one soon. That Demuth, while young, sure was nice.

Ah, but I have fond memories of the Horseshoe!

Very similar on day two except a bit fuller. However, it is showing some oaky (drying) tannins on the palate when you drink it without food.

Interesting. That’s for that update.

I was lucky enough to be at an onsite tasting and got to try the 08 Horseshoe. Unbelievable. It’s going to be my clear favorite in their lineup. It’s been a few years and I can still remember how captivating it was.

I am drinking this wine now – opened about an hour ago – and I agree with everything you wrote here. It may be that we differ in our ability to save a bit for tomorrow night, however.

Brad, Hope you have tomorrow off [cheers.gif]

Nope. But I am sharing the bottle with my wife and mother-in-law, so I should be alright. [cheers.gif]

Plus, look at his photo and check out the big belly on Brad – one bottle shouldn’t hardly give the man a buzz. neener

I’m looking forward to getting to try a Bearwallow, I haven’t thus far tried one of that bottling.

I’ve always wondered about that photo; Pigpen McKernan?

You are correct, sir. [cheers.gif]

The 2008 is worth seeking out. Compared to other estate bottlings I have tried, it is a little more fruit-driven and straight-forward, but then it is also one of Rhys’ first vintages from there. I think the vineyard has loads of potential, and it will be really interesting to see how future vintages develop.

That picture was taken more than 40 years ago. You should see my gut now. [wow.gif]