2008 Parusso Barolo

From 375ml

Deep healthy crimson color. Aromas are fresh with black cherry and a floral hint, quite young aromas for 10 years, especially in the small format. The palate is a little abrupt at first, with firm acidity and a muscular texture. It quickly evolves into something rounder, still firm but with some tenderness and breadth. The flavors also evolve, with the black cherry fruit expanding into something that has strawberry and raspberry as well, and a hint of tobacco rather than tar. The subtlety arrives rapidly and by the third sip there is balance, with harmony by the fifth. This is good wine on opening, excellent soon after and should evolve into something exceptional with bottle age. I have a couple of more 375s, will not touch another for five years. This is a real long distance runner. Rated 89 on opening, 91.5 at the end of the bottle with 2 - 5 points of improvement inevitable. Bravo.

Dan Kravitz

No oak notes? They were using barriques then, no?

Not that that would make it impossible to produce a lovely wine. I’m just curious is there was new oak and that it’s been integrated.

I haven’t tasted from this producer before…maybe once, but is this something you snagged here in Maine? It’s always exciting to see wines of quality in 375ml. Thanks for sharing!

You just conviced me to buy another bottle of Parusso ( usually wildly available where I live ) and give it another try! The ones that I have tried so fare have just been huge oak boombs… Ill give it another try you sounded real convicing … no joke