2007 Windy Oaks Estate Pinot Noir Cuvée

Light red. Great nose of red fruits, spice, and forest floor. Nice feel and lingering finish. Absolutely loved this and the best showing of the 6 bottles I’ve had so far.

Thanks for the note, Jeff - and welcome!

I’ve really enjoyed the 05 and 06 versions. Your note makes me want to sample an 07!

The estate cuvee is tasty when it’s young. I had the 08 recently and it’s just as good… great stuff.

The Estate Cuvee does change over a few years, it becomes different. Whether it is better or worse is based on your tastes. I like them in all stages and am still drinking some of the '03s. With that said, it is delicious young as you will not find a more alluring mid-palate in a pinot this young anywhere…


I have been drinking these since the 2001 vintage and love these wines. They never really seem to shut down or hit a dumb phase. The cuvee is especially tasty young which is why I usually end up buying a case as it helps me keep my hands off their other wines. Most of their other wines I try to let age 5+ years as they really do improve with age.

One my Pinot go-tos. Always a treat. Thanks for the notte!

Have the 08 cuvee been bottled and released?

Just looked at the web site and it looks like it. I’m guessing those that get shipments 4 times/yr vs 2 times/yr have received it. I’m guessing it will be in the fall shipment.

I had the 07 Henry’s Block about a week ago. I’ve yet to fashion a proper tasting note, but I found the midpalate a little hollow (like a more diluted version of the finish). More troubling, however, was the spicy/foresty finish which turned quite bitter on me. On the whole, the wine showed better at around the 3 hour mark but the bitterness was still disagreeable. I was a little dissapointed. Anyone else have a similar experience? How are the top wines drinking?

Correct. The 2008 has been released.