2007 Verdier Logel la Volcanique, winetherapy, and a request for an introduction to the politburo

So I know this guy.
he is lovely. has a wine store in the Lower East Side/ Hipsterville.
The guy is from Paris. The picture of “French Guy who sells Wine”.

I ask him the name, he says “Wine Therapy”. I say ( to myself)… winetherapy. this is the guy who took the name of those guys who hung out on the smart corner of the web. Always too smart for me.

did you ever hear of the website winetherapy before you named the store?

Nope. Not at all. Beautifully oblivious.

So I go to visit the store. fantastic place (no affiliation)
Inexpensive bottlings of organic/ biodynamic wines. A real stamp of artisan

He is setting up a website for the 21st century and is fascinated by people talking about wine. He has a gem there and needs to get these strange beauties out to a wider, but admittedly still narrow, audience.

I have been moving through a mixed case of stuff outside my comfort zone. Here is another one.

2007 (?) Verdier-Logel Cotes du Forez la Volcanique

So he hand sells me this one. Gamay on volcanic soil. Why not

Nose is plummy sweet gamay on the top note, but basso…I had this immediate, powerful flash to a trip in college to Kiluea to meet Pele. This was during a summer spent studying dolphins in Kauai, but that’s another ramble.

Anyways this wine gave me a profound memory jolt of igneous rock. The stuff smelled of ash and the crater of Kiluea. Amazing thing. Thrilling lesson in terroir.
Palate is round and juicy gamay. but not typical beau. This is earthy and rich. Not candied.

what an interesting wine. binary scale 1

which brings me to the punchline of this tale. i want to pull Jean Baptiste into our little group and this may be the prompt to get him out. And troublemaker that I am, I think the folks at Winedisorder would love to talk with the man who blithely opened a store called “Wine Therapy”. They scare me though. Not like Squires peturbs me, they just scare me. I don’t know what they talk about. I figure Kane or the Jay Miller with a palate can welcome him and I in. OTOH, they may just throw rocks at him.

Domaine Verdier-Logel Côtes du Forez La Volcanique (France, Loire Valley, Upper Loire, Côtes du Forez)
I have had this a couple of times from other vintages. I don’t drink a lot of Gamay, but you are right this is interesting and serious beyond expectation. Nice wine!

vintage was a guess. No note on label. didn’t look at cork

wine was cool though

remarkable sense memory thing

Yup, but they were (and are) entertaining and informative in an uber-intellectual ultra-cliquish hipster franco-centric way. Voyeurism is safer for those of us “less gifted”.

Interesting find Rob and thanks for sharing it, the shop and the Bojo.