2007 Schloss Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner Steinsetz

I can count the number of Austrian wines that I’ve had on one hand but tonight had the 2007 Steinsetz along with a wonderful dinner at a great neo-Indian restaurant (Amaya Bread Bar - if you visit Toronto and want great Indian with fresh ingredients and modern interpretation of traditional recipes, this is the place).

What a delicious wine. It had a captivating nose that could have been a cross of sauvignon blanc, viognier and possibly pinot gris. The palate was both rich, smooth (almost creamy as a first impression) but had crisp acidity, liveliness and minerality for the finish. There was just a hint of sweetness that helped pair this so nicely with the food.

Really a nice change of pace for me and certainly a 90+ point wine.

These guys make a nice sparkling wine too. Good stuff all around, but nothing mind-blowing.

Certainly not mind-blowing, but its available for under $25 cdn retail here, so a great value in my book.

Schloss Gobelsburg is my favorite Austrian winery when quality and price are considered together. The Riesling Heiligenstein is enough to make many wineries famous.