2007 Offley Boa Vista Vintage Port

Drunk over 3 days from a bottle I brought back from Portugal last month. This has put on more weight in the past few days even though it was full bodied when I first pulled the cork. This had deceptively rounded soft fruit at first which slowly morphed into raw blackberries as this sat opened. The tannins are no stranger here and dry out the palate at the same time as the acidity starts to kick in as it attempts to balance out that youthful yet raw fruit. I really liked how the finish started out big then just subtly hung for what seemed like minutes. A very good job by the Offley crew!

91-93 points


…and people call ME a baby killer.

Nice note.

just keeping the population in check [wink.gif]

thanks for the note on the 07. I have a lone 375 of the 2000. have you had that one?

Off the top of my head, no. But I will need to dig through my notes later today just to double check.

I appreciate it Andy. I picked one up on release cause it was cheap and kinda forgot about it until I saw your note.