2007 Novy Page-Nord syrah on Lot18

I just got me some @ $16 per, w/ free shipping on 4+. Haven’t tried the 2007, but I’ve drank a bunch of the 2000, and enjoyed it, despite it’s more Oz-like flavor profile. Seems like a good price to me, if you like the style.


Siduri offered it in an email this morning for $14

Anybody able to throw me an invite code for Lot 18?

Not all may care about such things, but seeing as Lot18 and Snooth appear to be in bed together at least for cross-promotional purposes, I’m withholding my business from Lot18 until the question of Snooth’s alleged scraping of CellarTracker data is resolved.

Specifically in response to the Lot18 offer, too (I’m guessing based on the wording of the email).

I was thinking they got the offer from Costco, some other board members mentioned finding Novy in TX. Then again who knows.

Lot 18 might be a better buy on the east coast because of free shipping charges… unless they have something to do with the CT scraping.

I can send you one if you PM me, and if you can still sleep at night knowing you did business with an operation in alleged cahoots with another operation that is stealing from Eric. I had a pepsi and now I feel much better

Why didn’t I get this e-mail? Was it only sent to certain areas or people who bought this directly from the winery previously?

I just read the Snooth/Cellartracker thread and am disgusted. I do not know Eric personally but I started using his service this year and it has revolutionized my inventory management. It sucks to see this happen to him, since he seems like a stand-up guy as well. FWIW, I had no idea that Lot18 was associated with Snooth until now, but now that I do know, I wrote the following email to Lot18, requesting a cancellation of my order…


I placed an order earlier today for 4 bottles of the 2007 Novy Page-Nord Syrah. I would like to cancel this order, as I was not aware at the time I placed my order that Lot18 is owned by Snooth, who currently stands accused of scraping data from CellarTracker, a web-based inventory service that I use and value. Until this issue is resolved, I have decided that I would prefer not to do business with Snooth or its associates.

Thanks for your understanding,

Mods, you have my permission to delete this thread entirely if you want as I’d rather not bring any more attention to Snooth/Lot18.

[shock.gif] Yikes, sounds like I need to go read the Snooth/CellarTracker thread.