2007 Maybach Family Vineyards Eterium Chardonnay

We had this at the TRB dinner last week. I had about 6 ounces left and vacuvined it. 24 hous later it was rocking!

Two barrel selection from the 2007 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay B. Thieriot Vineyard. Less than 500 bottles will be available. Maybe…
This was pale golden hued and glossy. The nose was lemon rind and tall grass. 100% new oak and it showed wonderfully. Similar in many ways to the RM but more minerality with the great lemon fruited notes. Intense and complicated this was great. After 2 days (vacuvinned): This really came together nicely. More structure and elegance with a beautiful delineated acid level and just a more focused wine in whole. Complicated and enjoyable. I really like this wine.

know the price per chance?

Sorry, don’t. How much is the RM?

Mike, sounds great. first I’ve heard of it. any ideas on when they are releasing it?

lucky enough to get a bottle from Chris?

Tim, We were. The one in the picture.
CLONYC drank it though… [gen_fro.gif]

I am not much of a chard drinker, but both the RM and Maybach chards that we had were excellent. I actually preferred the RM.

Sherri, I agree, at least for that night. The RM was glossier and purer.
With some air the Maybach was amazing, (the minerality really turned into character) which may tell me some bottle age should do wonders. I will hold mine for at least a year, maybe 3.

I also think the Maybach would appeal to a more Burgundian palate.

Fun to have them both and know the source was the same.

Anyone touched the Eterium since it shipped?

I was looking for an excuse over Thanksgiving, but in the end decided my family wasn’t worth it.


I couldn’t bite on the Maybach. I did open the RM on Turkey day though. I missed Mike’s note the first time around, but my thoughts on the RM are remarkably similar.