2007 Keller Abtserde Grand Cru Riesling

2007 Keller Abtserde Grand Cru Riesling
The nose is utterly captivating. Its got grape fruit, peaches, lime peel, white flowers and chalk. On the palate there is intensity coupled with minerality and a refreshing acidity at the end. Its made in a dry style but its not bone dry or austere. Its just fabulous. Love it…

This is indeed an electrifying wine. Loved it the 4 times I tried it since release. This vintage has not shoved any signs of going to sleep (regarding GG´s)…
Thanks for your note, Sanjay

YES, like Claus said a magic dry Riesling. Here are impressions of the ABTSERDE

P.S. In the middle-age “Abtserde” was owned by the catholic church. And the bishop of Worms especially loved wines from the Abtserde.

Cool pics showing some of what they do viticulturally, Martin!

I still have yet to try one - what is wrong with me?!? [wink.gif]

Not too late for an added New Years resolution methinks! [wow.gif]

Ein Prosit! to the good stuff!

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I have a couple of these. Drink now? Hold? If I’m going to hold them, does anyone have any idea about what they’re going to age like?


the right mission for 2012!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR


the Keller Rieslings age very, very well. I would wait until 2015 for the next bottle. BTW, 2007 Abtserde was selected Best Dry Riesling of the vintage by Gault Millau and was also winner of the “Berlin Riesling Cup”.


P.S. And use a ZALTO Universal glass.

Good photos Martin.

I purchased a mixed pack of their GGs. This is the first bottle from that pack (and my first Keller GG).

I know there is lot of hype about Keller but this bottle showed me how good Keller’s wine can be and in that process more than justifies that claim.

I look forward to drinking more Keller…thats the new year resolution.

LOVE these wines. Have yet to bust into a Abtserde/Morstein or Pettenthal…and lucked into a huge whack of Gmax…Todd, up for some Gmax at LP? Don’t tell anyone we are drinking riesling.


Sign me up Mike!! And I won’t tell…

I’ve got a little bit of '08 & '09 GMax coming my way, but haven’t received it yet.

I had one of these recently as well and it completely blew my mind. Here’s my note:

The nose shows an array of fruits, including peach, nectarine, and papaya, as well as lemongrass, rose, yellow flowers, steely minerality, sugar cane, lanolin, citrus pith, some baking spice, and surely some other things that I can’t name. This is COMPLEX if I’ve ever experienced it. The palate follows suit, with a silky, caressing texture supported by nice, high (but barely) acidity and such evolution of flavor that it seems like about 3 different wines from attack to finish, with many transitions in between. Maybe I’m especially happy because I shamefully forgot where I had left this bottle in my unfinished, drafty basement and it showed signs of having frozen and seeped, causing me great distress and disappointment in myself, so this is the opposite of my worst fears or many other scenarios that ran through my mind. Still, this wine is rocking. The finish is quite long, which I rarely find with dry Riesling. As I smell and taste the wine I am transported through a range of memories tied to the myriad aromas represented here. This is easily as good as the 2010 Dönnhoff Dellchen GG that I lost it over a few weeks ago, though it is so different it’s as if these were 2 different grape varieties. In fact, I think this ever so slightly one-ups that wine and for me enters just (but confidently) into the territory of classic quality. I just told my wife that I’m losing my mind and it’s kind of true. I think this wine could even improve as it sheds some baby fat over the next few years, but right now I am thankful for the stressful turn of events that had me open it tonight. This is now the best dry riesling I have had, though for enjoyment’s sake I liked the 2010 Dönnhoff just as much.