2007 Herb Lamb HL Herb Lamb Vineyard Wishlist Requests

Just got an e-mail saying my wishlist was fullfilled. [welldone.gif] Didn’t think i was going to get any. Anyone else get their requests filled? Cheers! -mJ

I has very happy to see that mine was fulfilled as well.

You will be so happy too. It’s terrific

Got mine as well.

My heart says order more while my wallet says stop!

Had access to 2 allocations so I ordered both and wish listed on one as well.

Wish list was fulfilled, a 6 pack of HL is getting picked up next Friday in Napa! [worship.gif]

Any TN on this? $150 per ain’t cheap.

Is the style similar to Karl Lawrence? Same winemaker, no?

I haven’t had the '07, but in general it is similar to the KL single vineyard wines. Elegance is probably the one word that best describes their wines. They are not without fruit, but they are definitely not part of the Harlan-style of winemaking. The oldest I’ve had is 7-years old and it was just starting to enter a really good drinking phase at that point, so for me these are wines to lay down for 7 to 10 years.

yes same winemaker.

The HL and KL HL are pretty much the same wine as they are same winemaker and fruit.

I got my wishlist fullfilled.

Ken, have had the '97, '98, '99, '00 and '01. All very impressive, even in the “off” years, the 2000 for example a year ago was great (2000s from Montelena and others on the other hand are borderline undrinkable). They’re somewhat similar to KL, Trujillo sources fruit for one of his single vineyard bottlings from HL’s vineyards, used to be from the bottom plot further down the hill, and he does make HL (at least he used to, I think he still does). HLs do not lack in fruit, they have a blueberry aspect when they’re young, but with good tannin. Not jammy. They develop a fair amount of complexity as they age. Great people also.

Thanks! I’m in.

Looks like they filled all the wishlist and moved on to offering new people wine, as I got my first offer today.