2007 Flaccianello for $140 as futures!!

Ouch, got some of the 06 for $69.99. When I get them no one knows. But $140! [snort.gif]

Incredible score for $70. I just snagged some '07 for $70 as well. $140 is an outlier price…it will likely be available for $70-$85 in the coming months.

From where? That’s a ridiculous price.


Prices from suppliers went through the roof once the 2006 was named #8 of the year. If they continue to get big scores, I doubt you will see new release vintages in 2 figures…

The Wine-Searcher low (regular - don’t have Pro at home) for the 2006 is $99.99 right now…

The price for the 2006 went through the roof after Suckling rated it 99 Points in WS (Before the review came out the wine was available all over Europe at 45 Euro VAT included). Thanks to that Mr. Manetti highered the price for the 2007 10% over the 2006. Quite a statement while most Italian vintners have their cellars packed with unsold bottles from previous vintages.

$140 or even $99, no thanks.

I heard Garagiste just offered this for $80. It’s available at retail in Europe for under $60, so $140 is just ridiculous.

is the 2007 as good a wine as the 2006?

is the 2007 as good a wine as the 2006?

Same Quality - different style (more opulent and fruit-forward). However, smart money will go after the 2007 Vigna del Sorbo which is very close in quality at almost half the price…

And the 06 Chianti Classico as well.

The prices at IWM are ridiculous. After the buyout they went from high to stupid. I haven’t purchased anything from them in years.

Wow - thats really expensive. Over here Europe the 2007 Flaccianello is available in the area of 43 Euro (VAT included)…

$63.50 from TCWC…

Many thanks Don, just noticed the post, and I’ve got my order through! [cheers.gif]

I can tell you I was at the winery in Panzano about two weeks ago. They have not raised the retail price, and said that the '07 would not be released for about a month (so a few more weeks) if she was correct. The going price at the winery of '06 was 48 Euro (about $64), and that includes the 17% VAT charged inside of Italy. So, the price in the US theoretically should not be more than $80 with freight.

The large American entities acting as middlemen in our three tier system must maximize profits. Politicians are really expensive. [bleh.gif]

David [drinkers.gif]

We were at the winery in October. The new release Flaccianello was $72 IIRC, and the Euro was at its peak at the time. We drank it the next night at Dario Ceccini’s steak fest. Infanticide but fun. I like the wine, but $140 is silly.

Here’s a photo I took of the cellar. There were about 1,000 barrels, mostly Chianti.

Got the TCWC email and took advantage of the offer for a couple. Not sure why I subscribe to the IWM emails as I have not found a wine to purchase in the past two years. Had the opportunity to visit Fontodi in '08 and my avatar photo is a view of Panzano from Fontodi. Love the Flacc!



Wasn’t Dario’s a blast? That was a late, great night indeed. We stayed in Panzano last spring and my kids stopped his shop every day to see him and his wife.