2007 Eric Kent Syrah Sonoma County Kalen's Big Boy Blend

We were offered this wine as a replacement when the Dain Savage Juliet we had ordered at Proof in Washington DC was not available. The meal was an impromptu dinner with my siblings after a visit to the Smithsonian. It was a worthy replacement.

It took a while for the wine to open up, but once it did it was a wonderful, powerful syrah. Lots of extracted dark fruits, current, and berry but less spice than the wine it replaced. Fairly long finish with a nice mouthfeel. Notes of sage and minerals definitely placed this as a Sonoma Coast syrah. Not at all acidic, a very easy to drink wine that went well with both the hanger steaks and the duck breast that were ordered. It also paired very well with the cheeses we had as our third course. In fact we enjoyed it so much we ordered a second bottle. A very well made, small production, wine. Probably worth 90 points. I’m definitely going to seek out this producer.

P.S. The Dane Savage Juliet was listed as a Syrah, but to the best of my knowledge it is a PN, which might be why they were not able to find the Dain in their cellar. [oops.gif]

I enjoy the Eric Kent wines alot. The syrahs are big wines, but if that’s what you’re looking for, they are very good. I enjoy the pinots as well

I like Syrah, whether it be in the big CA style, or my first love, a more subdued and refined Rhone. However, my sisters and brother, none of whom are wine geeks, are all fans of the big CA syrahs that I have brought with me over the years, so this was a perfect wine for this occasion.