2007 Domaine Boisson CDR -- at $10 a stupid value

I bought this a few weeks back as part of a mixed case of mostly 2007 CDR. This one was $10 give or take. I wouldn’t have opened it today, but I needed a cup of red wine for a recipe. Without going into full tasting note mode, I have to say that, while straight-forward and uncomplicated, this is a great $10 bottle of wine. Nice red fruit, hint of provencale herb and spice, seductive nose. Just slightly green, but eminently quaffable. “Good qpr” doesn’t quite say enough about some of these 2007 CDR.

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Mao was closer than nurse or medic…

07 CRD is hit and miss, more so hit with this vintage. I have been trying to grab at least one CDR I see from 07 in the $12 range to give it a try. Have found some real winners this way.

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