2007 Copain Thompson Vineyard Syrah

I am weak, and I admit it. Even though I know I should let these sleep, I just wanted to try another 2007 Copain today. The wine is dark purple to the rim, but the nose is an outstanding mix of blueberries and flowers. The fruit is primary and some stems are evident, yet the wine hits the palate with a blast of blueberry and black plum, with some tar and olive paste mixed in. There is a hint of chalky minerality there as well, and the finish is medium to long. There is no unforgiving wall of tannin. Although young the wine is extremely fun to drink today. Like all of the 2007 Copain I have tried, I think this will be really interesting with three or four more years of age.

Between Copain and Rhys, it is difficult to say which California producer is damaging my credit card more these days. If I had to pair down my mailing lists to only two, these would be the two. I can’t say what would happen if I had to choose between them. For consistently excellent Syrah from an interesting variety of sites, it is hard to beat Copain.

By the way, Copain’s three-pack system works for me – I always try at least one young, whether I think I should or not. I need the back-up!

Your killing me man, I’m going to have to block your posts. The three-pack works for me too. neener

The 2007 Copains are excellent. And the damage for these for the rest of the budget year is accordingly necessary. It ain’t Brad’s fault!

  • 2007 Copain Syrah Thompson Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (6/7/2009)
    14.5% alcohol. Yes, a big wine with rich and dark fruit but like with the Harrision-Clarke bottling, there is no sweetness here, just pure fruit. My notes have the word “bucket” underlined, to express a bucket of blue and black fruit. Also has an earthy push. Pure and tarry with a dark bittersweet chocolate. With all the lineage to Copain Thompson and my past comments about it, this for me is the best Thompson yet and the 4 bottles I bought last month on faith, the faith paid off.

Indeed, it could just as easily be your fault, FMIII, because I read this very note and thought at the time I couldn’t resist for very long! But Wells is just doing it right in my book, and I’m glad there are a handful of folks around here who share my enthusiasm for these wines.

Oh, now it’s ME that is bearing accountability here, huh? [whistle.gif]

Hell, I wish I could just drink one of the 2007s but the heat has them hostage up north until Fall.

I don’t have any Copain awaiting me, but at least 2 cases from various sources. That’s the problem with ‘holding’ them - you forget you bought so much over the last 4 months or so…ugh. Either I’m gonna have to do online storage or your house, Frankie.

No, it would not be fair to blame you. It clearly is Wells Guthrie’s fault. He’s a bad, bad man.

I’m sure Frank can make room for you in the scraper. neener