2007 Arkenstone release

Who is buying? Same price as last year, I was allocated 8 in 3 bottle increments for 24 bottles total?

I am in for a three pack as it shined when I tasted it at the winery back in July. Easy choice over the M. Etain.

Can’t be good. The pope hasn’t scored it. I’ll wait for his instructions to see if I’ll like it.

(in for sure!)



I am on the fence. Not a buyer of Etain, but not sure about this one. I know Roy likes them, but…

Roy…I need a little push here…can you just reiterate your enthusiasm please??

I bought a case based on what I tasted of the 06. It’s not cheap, but in line with others at this price point IMO. I have high hopes for the 07.

Etain isn’t even on my radar for consideration. I never buy 2nd wines as I’ve been consistently disappointed whether BDX or California. So, at $150/btl. all in, it seems especially crazy. The only reason I would consider would be for resell and I’ll let others take their chances there as it seems like a high risk/low reward kind of investment.


Chris; You will not be disappointed!

Marshall [cheers.gif]

Popped and poured, really good fruit. Nice wine any other reviewers out there?