2006 Nicolas Potel C-M Aux Echanges & Hauts Doix

I tried a couple of 2006 Chambolles from Nicolas Potel recently.

2006 Nicolas Potel Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Aux Echanges
Fairly forward cherry/raspberry fruit, minerals, the oak is there but doesn’t dominate, charming wine today with the balance and structure to age well

2006 Nicolas Potel Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Hauts Doix
Darker fruit than an Aux Echanges tasted recently, with obtrusive coffee, caramel and spice from the oak. Not sure whether this is shutting down, but it’s in an awkward stage and I suspect the oak will always stick out.

I liked the Aux Echanges enough to buy a few bottles for the cellar.


Thanks for the notes. I know they are around but I haven’t tripped over any of the 06 C-Ms. These sound nice.


Thanks for the notes.

Anyone know what Nicky P is up to these days? Seems like a solid guy.

I thought there was just a thread on Nick. I think his first vintage is now being released.



Thanks, Jason.

Will need to seek some out.

KL had these wines a few days ago, both marked down to $59.99. I think they only have a couple of each left at this point.