2006 Holdredge Late Harvest Gewurzt Saralee's Vineyard

had this bottle to pair with a really impromptu small-plate dinner last week and i may not have a better meal this summer. g-friend made sauteed scallops, just a few, and they were placed upon a Saffron/chicken broth-infused Jasmine rice that also included finely chopped Jalapenos, garlic, tomato and yellow onion. Basil and Cilantro were the herbs. rice was really more like Risotto or Paella and definitely packed a wallop. disclaimer: i can be a pussy when it comes to really spicy food.

anyway this sweet wine, IMO sweeter and a bit better than John’s Pinot Gris, just complemented this spicy food so well. some more typical tropical fruit but lychee too with tons of honey and enough balance/acidity to make this not just a desert wine. think this was like $25 for 375ml. winner of a dinner!

I’m with you on this…great stuff…working thru a bunch of these…

When we visited way back when with “John the Eponymous” he claimed we were the first humans to have tasted it after fermentation…he was specifically excluding lawyers, obviously.

It was earthy, smarmy, strutting/full of itself…we wondered where the winemaker’s technique was…

this sounds great!