2006 Holdredge Bucher Pinot Noir

2006 Holdredge Pinot Noir Bucher (USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley)
Opened and slow-oxed for about an hour. This has a great nose of earth, raspberries and cherries. The color is fairly dark but it doesn’t drink or smell of dark fruits. On the palate, the wine has great structure, moderate weight and strong acidity (in a good way). I get a lot of raspberries and cherries again that are so well-balanced with the tannin and acid. Just such a great velvety mouthfeel. ****

John’s SVD Pinots have been a tremendous surprise to me - all fantastic, Bucher included.

Although I only have a bottle of this - I might have to open it this afternoon! Great notes.

Yeah it was really nice. I visited the winery last year at RRV Barrel Tasting and really came away a fan. I’ve been drinking a lot of Burgundy lately so this was a nice change of pace in ripeness but still had the great acidity that I look for in Pinot.

Had the Mazie Rose tonight instead of the Buchar - very good wine. Big fan…

Yeah, this wine has been smoking good from its earliest stages. Nice note, David. Spot on.

Yeah, based on the crap he posts here, who woulda thunk it? [stirthepothal.gif]

I sipped on a Bucher about a month ago while grading quizzes. Very enjoyable indeed!! [thumbs-up.gif]

I think Holdredge Wines are some of the best small lot wines in California and is always a must stop when rollin through Healdsburg.

The jury is still out on the owner though. [tease.gif]

I’ll be honest- I just drink them and post notes in hopes of getting a summer clerkship offer from John Holdredge. [thumbs-up.gif]

this is fun to read while dragging my tired ass through another airport (okay- I got the first class upgrade) but still… thanks guys.

Brandon- bite me neener

David- remember this lesson in law. I got married by a judge.

I should have asked for a jury.

While I maintain general distrust of all barristers the 07 Bucher is just so crazy good it hurts a little to uncork one.

I just picked up my Berserker Day special care package from Holdredge that has been sitting in my storage facility. I am looking forward to tasting some of his wines when I get back from Spain. Even though HE is Anti-Garcia, I won’t hold it against his wines hitsfan neener

That is right, he’s not a Dead fan either!

I’ll be there in three weeks.