2006 Hitching Post Rio Vista Pinot At Costco

Sign of the times for California Pinot? Low production and fairly obscure wine in the bin at Costco in multiple case qty. How much more of these wines will wind up at the warehouse level for clearance?

Domaine Alfred wines are showing up in local Tradet Joes. There will be more.

Ive seen AP Vin at the local Costco, but not at an attractive price. I like the wines, but @ $50 I want a lot more today than I did a few years ago.

The Domaine Alfred Chardonnay (stainless steel production) is $9.99. The Le Chamisal Vyd Chardonnay is $12.99 and the Le Chamisal Vyd Pinot is in the mid $20 range IIRC.

All at Trader Joes…

I know our local TJ’s ran out of the $9.99 chard and when I went back the other day they were completely restocked with the same vintage…must have bought quite a bit at a really good price.

Yeah, I assume we’re going to see more of this … and I like it. Going to Costco in Houston today, so I’ll post any finds.

I think I need to make a run to TJ’s ASAP! I like Domaine Alfred’s Chard - at least from the '03-04 vintages.

Mike - I posted a note about the $9.99 Chard. It was very tasty for the money…

Andrew is a friend of mine. Happy to pimp my boy, and say that you snooze you lose on the APVins. All his wines sell out soon after release, even in this market. Initially a protoge of Brian Loring, since he moved back to San Francisco, Ed Kurtzman, Siduri and Kosta Brown have taken Andrew under their wing. He’s continuing to take the wines up a notch every vintage. I think the retail on them is $48?

Domaine Alfred is no more as far as i know. It was purchased by Crimson Wine Group (Pine Ridge, Archery Summit, etc.). The name is being changed to Chamisal. I believe Alfred wines are being closed out to move them out to make room for the new label.

I remember hearing they had been bought out a year or two ago but did not hear of the name change. Thanks for the info.

Is T Fletcher still working for Chemizal? He was winemaker at Domaine Alfred for a while, No?

This is correct, and there are some crazy deals out there on D.Alfred. Another label bites the dust, but the folks associated with it before (i.e. Mike Sinor) are doing some fantastic things with their own labels (heard Fletcher went to Littorai ?)

H.Post may be a special deal with TX Costco…don’t know. Love those guys though.

if you keep your eyes peeled -_- there are some really great deals at TJ now. Never noticed it before but a lot of Cali wines are selling for real cheap.

I’d highly recommend the 05 Keller Estate La Cruz Pinot from Costco for $18.50/bottle. Stellar deal.

Did you find anything worth while here in Htown?

Not in Houston, but in West Palm Beach Aug 14-15 while those other Berzerkers are in Napa!


I know, I’m jealous. They were here and in Dallas before the new album came out, so I am still waiting to hear most of the new tunes in person. At least they will be at ACL in October!

I didn’t intend that to be a slam at Andrew or his wines. I have his first couple of vintages in my cellar and enjoy them. I wine at offeing price @ Costco does not usually scream deal to me and deals are what I search for at Costco.

Houston had this wine at Costco yesterday, too … $24.99. Can’t remember much else of interest.

Merry Edwards, who supposedly never lets her wines sell at retail, is everywhere. Including the PLCB of all places