2006 Dom Perignon

It was released today in the UK. Anybody try it? Brad? Ray? Worth buying or wait for '08?

Have not tried the 2006 yet, but it should be a step up from the 2005. I believe production was back at normal levels for the 06 as well. While I am looking forward to 08, the last I talked to Richard Geoffroy, he was more excited for 09 than 08.

More than anything, this release should be a sign that anyone who wants to stock up on 2005 should do so sooner rather than later. While I am not a big fan of the 2005, I always cellar bottles from each DP vintage.

There is still quite a bit of 2004 DP in the supply chain right now and I wonder how many places are going to just jump from 04 to 06 without giving much thought or care to 05.

Brad, what was your take on the 04. I was not impressed. A bit flabby, one note. Maybe due to how young it is.

04 DP is a decent bottle of Champagne, but not a great DP. Of vintages in this century, I have been most impressed by what DP did in 03 and find their 02-04 Rose bottlings to be stellar. I also think the 2000 is coming around nicely.

Jon - haven’t tasted the '06.

Brad - much more impressed with the '02 vs the '03 even taking into account the additional hardships of the '03 vintage.

Prices are up 10% or so on the release of 2002 (in GBP).

Agree re the 02 > 03 comparison. Not a fan of the 03. Have to buy all the big 06s though as my daughters were born in 06!


Count me as not being a fan of the '03 either…but I quite liked the '04.

02 DP is a better wine than 03 DP; no argument from me on that. My comments were based on the fact that I think 2002 slightly underachieved for the vintage vs. the 03 which I feel overachieved. I think the Chardonnay sticks out a bit too much in the 02 as it comes across as over-ripe to me. We will see how time treats this and if this evens out. 2002 DP is still a damn good wine; I just wanted more from the year. I think DP and Moet knocked it out of the park in 2003 as they managed to make very good and I want think are age worthy wines in a very challenging and strange year.


Thanks for your comments. I agree that DP may have underperformed against other producers in '02. I find Comtes, Rare, Ruinart much more drinkable at this stage. That may change, but who knows. I found '04 DP to be a bit weak the times that I had it shortly after release, but young DP can be so hard to read. I have noticed some pretty good recent reviews on CT from people whose palates I trust, so I plan on pulling some out of storage soon. I think DP’s '02 Rose is anther story and it has really started drink well this year as well as '02 Elisabeth Salmon.

Any update on Krug? '06 DP and Comtes are already in the market and Krug has yet to release '02 or '04. Have they announced if there will be an '06?

Just a reminder: if you don’t use the full name of the wine it won’t pop up in searches. You know, using the search function. It is Dom Perignon in the first reference.

The Editor.

A couple of years ago, Olivier told me 02/04/06/08. Not sure if anything has changed.

Thx Jon

Ray - Good to know that there is some supply of vintage Krug in the pipeline, however, at this rate, they are going to have to bottle the '02 as Collection.

Neal - thanks for the tip.

04 and 06 are birth years in our family and we would be grateful for any additional comments…

I didn’t think 03 or 05 were that great. I look forward to trying the 06. But that raises a question I’ve been pondering a lot lately: why is Dom declaring so many vintages? With 06, that makes 10 out of the last 12 vintages declared, and from what Brad says, 08 and 09 to follow (no word on 2007 - Peter Liem doesn’t expect it to be widely declared, but nothing would surprise me at this point). Assuming no 07, we would have 8 Doms from the 2000s, after averaging 5-6 per decade since the 1950s. I understand that climate change and improved harvesting and vinification practices mean that there are “no bad vintages” anymore, but this is supposed to be a special cuvee, released only in exceptional years. If it’s released every year, nothing is special anymore. I hope the answer isn’t that LVMH is influencing the decision to declare (because they will always be able to sell Dom in any vintage to restaurants and clubs and unknowledgeable customers). I like Dom Perignon, and I want to see its reputation for high quality and exclusivity (in terms of years, not bottles, obviously) continue.

Sounds like you should be good to go. I would throw in some Taittinger Comtes as those will be great as well and around the same tariff.

I was once at a club in Vegas. Ordered a btl of 02 Dom. The table hostess brought out 03. I said no. And she was confused cause Dom is Dom right!? :wink:

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