2006 Clos St. Jean CDP non-filtre

Thot I’d posted on this hummer but dint find it. For those of you who bought this at the 19.99 per IMHO you have a very solid P/Q bottle. Not sure about the long-range future of this sucker but makes for solid drinking now. Shy nose. On the palate you get solid CDP notes of gaminess, plum, spices and herbs, that are nicely balanced. Couldn’t find enough tannins or other backbone elements to warrant long-range cellaring. A solid drinking dude that goes well with enny thing off the barbie and had hoofs. VB

Very nice wine - and not the slightest problem to keep it for another 10+ years …
I often read about guys underestimating the longivity of CDPs … I´m currently drinking thru my 90ties … with an 88 , 89, 85, 83 in between … MUCH more interesting than e.g. 2006, 2004, 2003, 2001 now …

Thanks for the comment G and understand that many people underestimate the ageing prowess of Rhones. I, howm-so-ebberly, don’t be one of them. I’ve been drinking these lovely suckers since the late 60s and have many fond memories of some older bottlings from Guigal, Mont Redon, and Rayas. All I was trying to say in this post was IMHO this 06 didn’t seem to have the stuffing to put away and forget. No big deal but I’ll be drinking mine over the next 4-6. Bye-the-bye, have enjoyed reading many of your posts whilst I be a lurker on the site. VB

I bought a case from PC @ $19.99. Big mistake not buying more.

same here.

Dan & Mo I think if you look at the sucker as a 20-Buck-Chuck it is really not a complete flop. Went really well with some burgers off the grill smothered in sweet onions and some honey mustard. Didn’t ring any bells as a “stand-alone” but have twittered off 20 bucks per for a lot less enjoyment. VB

Don’t misunderstand me. I love this wine… it blew away the 2005 Clos Des Papes, which was probably closed down, in a recent, non-blind, side by side comparison. I’ve already had (yikes! I just checked) 5 bottles of a case, and as I said, at $20 per, I wish I had bought another case or two.

Sorry guys I musta’ completely mis-read your posts. Thot you said " Big mistake. Not buying more". VB [oops.gif]

I also wish I had bought more. After about a 2 hour decant, it is rocking. It’s weird I can’t let myself buy it for $25 since I previously bought it for $20.

I’ve got the same problem as Joe, I keep hoping I see it out there again for $19.99. PC was kind enough to offer it at this price on two of their friday blowouts earlier this year. I’ve drank through about 8 of these, all out now. I guess I need to man-up and do the $25 deal. Still a good price, but won’t feel the same as $19.99. Love this wine!