2006 Biondi Santi Brunello


Was looking at this today online. Has this been released yet? Every US retailer I see indicates a pre-arrival price. I’m wondering if that’s the case and if so, when the release date may be in the US? Spring??



Flickinger appears to have the 06 and 07 in stock. And the lowest price nationally on the 06. Happy shopping.

JJBuckley was going to get theirs in last week. They had it on presale for under $100 at one point.

I bought one for a friend a few months back, so it is definitely released already.

I preordered one bottle from JJB (the 2006? I don’t remember. $95?). And I own one bottle of the 2001 I purchased in Montalcino, to be opened in the distant future I guess.

I’m obviously not a balla when it comes to wines of this price, but it sounds like something that will become a great wine someday.


Thanks. Geez, never heard of this place. Found some on Pre-arrival at Benchmark Group via Wine Searcher at $119. Not bad I guess. This will be an investment that I’ll think back on when I turn 60. :slight_smile: