2006 Alesia PN Green Valley - 1.5l

Happy Thanksgiving! We enjoyed the '06 Alesia Pinot Noir Green Valley out of magnum. What a terrific wine it was. Decanted and then poured. We all enjoyed it over a couple of hours. Great nose, a balanced wine still showing good fruit, the finish was balanced with some length. Excellent with the meal as well. Previously, this wine has been the best Alesia PN I have tasted and it remains so.

I have had many fun experiences with Rhys / Alesia wines. (And all of my dealings with the winery have been positive.). Have not bought much lately simply because I have too much at present; but from its advent, Rhys and its wines have been an enjoyable part of my wine world.

Will reach out to the Atlanta wine crew and see if they are game for a Rhys dinner; I’ve got a nice vertical of Home Vineyard PN’s that should provide enjoyment.

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Thanks for the note, as I still have a few bottles of this wine as part of the vast quantities of Rhys and early Alesia wines I’ve managed to accumulate.

Mike - Look forward when you next post a TN on some. I am just about out of Alesia bottles, but still have a good amount of Rhys.

This was always my all time favorite Alesia. Glad to hear it’s still doing well.

I very much enjoyed following Rhys/Alesia Pinot program early on. Unfortunately I just accumulated too much early, then prices got me out of buying Rhys along with enjoying them with some age but realizing I didn’t love them with some age.

Still have some Chard rattling around the cellar.

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