2005 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

I’ve opened a few recently and would seem it is still way too soon. Would have thought they might be starting to come around but they all seemed tight as a drum.

Some recent tries:

05 Evesham Wood Seven Springs
05 Van Duzer Westside Blocks
05 Cristom Jessie

When do folks think the drinking windows will open up on the 05 vintage?

Paul did you give these wines any time in a decanter?

I’ve been trying some '05s recently as well, and I’d say they’re still probably 2-4 years from entering a good drinking window. Good thing we’ve got '06 (drink now), '07 (drink now - 5-7 yrs), and '09 (now - 7-10 yrs) to hold us over until the '05s (and '08s, which are a good 10 years from really showing off) are ready to go.

There’s some exceptions to this, as we had a '05 Witness Tree recently which was really nice, as well as a '05 Erath Prince Hill which was getting into a good window as well.

Good question. It was pretty much pop and pour, which may have been part of the problem.

Entry level '05’s (i.e., Lemelson Thea’s, Witness Tree Chainsaw, etc.) have been good-to-go for some time. SVD’s are still, for the most part, in hibernation. I think that John’s estimate is probably as good as any: give these another 2 to 4 years.

I opened a bottle of the 2005 Eyrie Pinot Noir, not the Reserve, and was not initially impressed, but when I went back to the bottle a few days later it was magnificent. I have a bottle of Evesham Wood’s 2005 Cuvee J and want to open it soon, but will definitely decant it.

I found the 05 vintage to be the most structured of the last decade. I think these wines are going to be long lived and there should be no rush to open them if you have have 03, 04, 06, 07 cellared. 02’s are just starting to come around. I’m betting many of the 05’s will need to sleep longer than the 02’s.

Babykiller! On both. But if you gotta, air is the way.

I have a few cases of 05 stored in my brother’s basement in Seattle. Was thinking about bringing them back down to PDX with me the last time I was up there but my experience with the EW and Van Duzer made me realize they need to stay up there for now. Your comment only reinforces that.

Mostly done with my 06 but have plenty of 07 to drink while I wait for the 05’s to come around.