2005 Weingut Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Riesling Auslese : Yes and No

In the past month I have opened two half bottles. One was superb, not quite ready, complex, botrytis, honey, dried apricots, a clear biting finish with nice acidity.

Yesterday’s bottle was not so good. From the same case, and treated the same way. Initially served by itself, and both paired with shrimp.

I mentioned the finish with the first wine because the difference between the two wines was most apparent there.
The second lacked the complexity of the first. Pleasant, but the finish and particularly the aftertaste was pure sugar. Kind of unpleasant; not sure what happened here, but a little wary opening the other two halves.

Cork variation? It sounds like maybe the first bottle matured a bit quicker.

Remind me…bought on release or later?

Bought on release.
I seem to remember I had a disappointing bottle before, but nothing like this.

Bottles of wine vary. Halves even more so.

It wasn’t so much that it was a bad bottle. I have never experienced that kind of cloying sugar finish. That is not bottle variation as much as wine variation.

I have had inconsistencies like this among my Pradikat Donnhoffs, most disappointingly 2001 Hermannshohle Spatlese.

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I’ve poured more Donnhoff down the drain than any other producer. By far. A few weeks ago a 2005 Hermannshohle Spatlese. So I opened a 2005 O. Brucke Spat. which was not as bad. Drinkable, but age had done nothing good. My two cents: drink Donnhoff young.

If your other bottle(s) didn’t show that way then it’s either bottle variation or just overall moving through an odd phase.

Your prior bottle wasn’t so long ago, correct?

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Correct. I chatted with a friend in the business, who thought the fruit might have dried out, leaving the sugary residue.

I do not thinks so
Its still a very young wine

Heck no

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Clearly you should never have bought in the first place. Not every great producer’s wines suit everyone’s palates.

Did you get them locally?

I’ve also had ho-hum halves of the 05 and 06. Not bad, just very foursquare and lacking in cut. Have several more, hope they show better.

Patronizing, condescending and wrong.
Apart from Prum, I have more Donnhoff than any other German producer, love the wines, drink them regularly, and never had a problem.
Pity you weren’t there to taste the actual wine,especially as I was comparing to another bottle of the same wine I enjoyed.

I find it arrogant and totally moronic to draw any kind conclusion whether I should be allowed to drink Donnhoff. But then arrogance and condescension is what I have come to expect from you over the years.

Yep. On release.

Nonsense. I drink and enjoy them young except for the few I hold back because it’s interesting.

Thank God for that. I have you to model. :wink:

Tried a bunch of young Donnhoff’s over the summer and they were showing well.