2005 Voillot decanting advice ?

I am thinking that tomorrow I might open the 2005 Voillot Volnay Les Brouillards.

Any decanting advice?

  1. Pop and pour?
  2. Audouze for 6-8 hours?
  3. Aggressively double-decant for 2-4 hours?
  4. Other?


I suspect this will be pretty closed down and I’m not sure that the type of airing will help that much.

That said, I would open about 2 hours ahead, taste the wine and then either slow-0 it or put the cork back in til ready to drink.


In my experience Voillot wines shut down pretty hard and pretty universally. The 01s and 02s I’ve tried have varied from dominated by structure to total waste of a bottle.

If I were to open it, I’d make sure I could start drinking it right away if I opened it and it was giving, because it could shut down quickly after opening just as well. Tough situation all around.

Do you not have any 06’s? I’ve had the 06 Voillot VV and the 06 Voillot Champans lately and both have shown very well.

My 2006 choices wouldn’t be quite as good; maybe:

2006 Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin VV
2006 Forey Nuits St Georges Les Perrieres

The 06 Fourrier is a great bottle of wine. I think Fourrier really shined in 06 and that wine is nearly guaranteed to show better than the Voillot. I am not as familiar with Forey.

What kind of air would you give the Fourrier?

Fourrier always requires some air as he makes his wine in a very reductive style. So decant and smell - if the wine is stinky from reduction, either be sure it’s in a decanter with plenty of surface area or decant again.


Great to see you over here! Your insight will add a lot to this board, I hope you keep posting.


Yikes - no kidding.

This wine is very, very tight.

I poured it into an empty casserole dish.

I hope it opens up before dinner.

Casserole dish as decanter?

That is a serious decant. I’m trying to picture passing the casserole dish around the table for everyone to pour from.


Welcome to flyover country.

he had to. The casserole was in the decanter.

I was sitting in front of nicktoons with my seven year old this morning and I was trying to recover from the previous nights ‘tasting.’
The mental image of a tempting young red burg sitting in a casserole dish gave me a smile.

I thought about it long enough to decide this is a case where a straw could be appropriate for drinking wine.

How was the wine?

Also curious to hear how this showed in time. When I last had it (May or June?) it was delightful.