2005 Shafer Hillside Select - Mailer - Merged

Anyone buying?

I’m in for a couple.

The 05 is out for offer. No price increase, but with shipping and tax [soap.gif] [swoon.gif] . I bet the mailing list will be open soon.

[oops.gif] Should merge mine with yours.

Good job Maos [welldone.gif]

I am thinking the same, Ed.

$244 with shipping and tax to NY. Steep, but I’ll take one at least and share the rest with friends.

Bought this and every year. Had they raised prices much I might have dropped. I’m not on a lot of mailing lists, actually dropped a few this year, but this is one I’m staying on…for now.


I’ll take the magnum and ask my local retailer to save me 2-3 bottles. After all, they had the 04 for $185. [whistle.gif]

And therein lies the problem with list wines that also sell a fair volume through the retail chain. It is one thing to pay a few bucks more a bottle to ensure a yearly allocation, but when that extra is $40 or so a bottle, it is crazy to do so. Granted, not everyone has access to the wine at the price Otto mentions, but enough people do that it makes this an issue.

easy pass. anyone want mine(6+1)?

Looks like this list may open up 1/1/10.

I bought 2 750s and 1 mag. I rationalized it by being able to pickup at winery in the fall. I’ll get a tasting and save the shipping…

Just got an email reminder that I missed the order date and invited me to order and of course if I don’t I am off the list. I guess my spot opens up for some “lucky” person just waiting to spend $235 on fermented grape juice. [stirthepothal.gif] . I ordered last year but I am reducing high priced wines as I know I can drink well for wayyy less $$.

Hell, why spend $235 for an 05 when you can get a 1950 Pomerol for $400.00? [popcorn.gif] [pwn.gif]

deadhorse deadhorse [rofl.gif] Where…where???

Got the same email and I gave in for 1 750ml bottle, with shipping and tax, it was $250. I’ll probably pick up 2 more at retail for $185 + tax.

Pass. Will gladly spend my money elsewhere and happily drink other peoples’ Shafers when they open them!

List is certainly opening up…obviously a second wave of letters have been sent out and I got my first offer. Wish it would have been next year as 2006 is an anniversary year…now I have to make a decision

Agreed, John is quite the generous person to have dinner/drinks with.

I finally got off the wait list and was offered up to 6. I will buy 1 to stay on the list and to be guaranteed a chance of buying the 2007…