2005 Ramey Jericho Warning

Wanted a good wine last night, figured this would be nice and young. It actually is nice and shut down. After 5 hours of air its still giving nothing. Nice nose but comepletely empty palate. DO NOT TOUCH!

Thanks Humberto. Is this the one he bottles under the Jericho Canyon label? If so , I have a few of these and appreciate the warning. It was excellent last year, but I have not touched since. If not, ignore and I will delete my comment.

Yeah its the Jericho Canyon. I think this was the last year it was produced. 06 Pedregal was an iron nail a few weeks back too. I think both wines are shut down completely.

I have had a similar experience with the 02 - very shut down right after bottling - I think this wine is the one that needs the most time when compared to his other wines. (pick one - pedgregal, DM, Annum, Larkmead, etc…)

considering his first bottling is not ready for prime time, not sure why you would be popping this baby

FYI the Jericho Canyon fruit is now being bottled by the vineyard owners under Jericho Canyon Vineyards, and they are producing spectacular Cabs in a wonderful new winery building and cave:


Anyone who was a fan of the Ramey bottling is required to buy some of these. The 2006 Reserve and regular Cabs are superb.

Shouldve known better Gene, an 06 Pedregal was like a kick in the balls a few days ago. Cant wine em all. :wink: