2005 or 2006 Thomas Pinot, which one?

Found one of each of these. For my first Thomas Pinot, which one?

If you are going to drink one sooner than later, drink the 06. Save the 2005 for down the road. If you end up liking the 2006, than the 2005 will be a real treat. If not, then you can trade the 05 for something cool.

Thanks Travis. I was going to pick up just one, but might have to grab both.


06 to drink now. The 05 might come around pretty nicely after being open a day or two.

Just swilled some 07 last night courtesy of BBer Greg Malcolm. It ain’t ready. Earliest approach should be late this year and better 3 - 5+. Bony, and surprisingly full/ripe for an 07 despite its deceptive midweight coloring. Lots of potential but the smoky oak and tannins need softening.


I would say grab both.
you won’t regret it…


+1 . . . Just to be on the safe side, drink the '06 first, as Travis suggests. If you do have regrets, then sell me the '05!

Heading to the club for dinner tonight, I will drink one of my 06’s in your honor! All the Dundee winemakers that I have talked with have told me to drink my 06’s, then the 05’s, then the 07’s and hold on to the 08’s as long as you can stand it. The 09’s might have shades of the 06 vintage in them. Had the heat spike in September that ran the brix up on lots of fruit, before the flavors fully developed. Could be a case of drinking the 09’s now before we drink the 08’s.


When I talked to John Thomas about the 2007, he thought that the wine would age particularly well.

As Richard notes above, our experience two nights ago with the '07 would definately support that conclusion. I am looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Generally speaking, how long can Thomas pinots hold on? I got a 2002 from a friend who moved away a while ago. Was waiting for him to come back to share it. Still have it. Think it is OK?

I had the 02 and 03 in December, they are holding up well. The major problem with them is we are drinking them. But John promised me he would make some more.