2005 Nicolas Potel Bourgogne

Opened a few hours before serving. Light garnet in the glass. Funky nose with some earthy elements. Reduction on the palate, but offered a nice mix of leather, cranberry and tart sonata cherry. Clipped finish, but nice acid/tannin balance. This is exactly what I look for in entry level Burgundy. Nice with food, nothing earth shattering, but solid.

The 05 Potel Volnay VV was a steal, too, actually delivered from PC . . .

I bought a bunch after tasting and thought a great qpr-unfortunately, an intolerable # of corked wines (about 33%). Sill have a few.

Should’ve bought more of the PC Volnay VV; wondering how the Beaune Greves (of which I bought too much) will turn out.

Thanks for the note on his Bourgogne - I’ve not seen them get good press previously. There seem to be some widely diverging views on Potel as a vintner, in general.

Bourgogne or Volnay?

Ive always felt that young Potels smell to much like poop. Either this is new for them or it mellows with age because I dont get it as much with the older bottles Ive had.


That’s encouraging, as I picked up a number of mags and 3Ls of that, not that I’ve opened any. How many years before you imagine that would be in prime time, Alan?