2005 Montelena Estate Cab for $67.50!!

Woodland Hills Wine Company. Seems like a hell of a deal if you’re a fan of the wines

Once again, we are the huge beneficiaries of a winery’s economic woes. Through a special arrangement, the Chateau is allowing us to offer its current vintage at dramatic, rollback pricing…lower than what we used to sell back vintages for on futures! Only now, the wine is in stock and ready to ship.

As part of the arrangement, we are not allowed to advertise this price, so you are only receiving this direct offer as an appreciation of your past support of Woodland Hills Wine Co. There are only a limited number of cases available at this special pricing, so please contact us asap if you wish to take advantage of this one-time offer.

To order, reply directly to this email or give us a call. Sorry, no Internet orders. MAXIMUM PURCHASE OF 12 BOTTLES PER CUSTOMER. Special pricing limited to stock on hand.

2005 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon “Estate” $67.50

These are very good wines in the price range that distributors are just not able to sell today.
Dumol Sonoma Coast wines that list for 1/2 the price of Montelelna have been returned to the Winery by the local distributor here due to lack of sales.

Wow, that’s a tempting one!

Tempting, but Yoni got my money! [tease.gif]

Makes me wonder if it might even be headed down further, however. They have set the tone with this ‘special offer’ that consumers and other retailers will begin to expect. Slippery slope

And I’m taking that money to buy a bottle of this!!! neener

I am done buying wines that need 10+ years. I love Bo but…

That is below the previous wholesale cost. If you have the dough, it is a solid buy. I tasted a vertical at Red Carpet years ago (91-01) and every wine was rockin. The 91, 94 and 97 were standouts. Haven’t tasted a lot of the early 2000’s but that price is great.

Charlie, it’s not on the site - how do I contact them about this?

email or call them, no internet sales for this particular item.

Of course Toddster didn’t know that…He just skipped over your post and went straight to the price!! neener

There’s a post?

he’s saying you can’t read and that it says in the OP that you have to call or email them :wink:

I know, Charlie - I was poking fun at myself…

I wonder when this will show up in the PLCB as a “Chairman’s Selection” with a sign “quoted at $179 now $49.99.”
And also touting Pennsylvania’s buying power!

There are several Cali cabs in the coming in a what looks like good pricing.

This is the incoming list:

http://www.lcb.state.pa.us/webApp/Product_Management/Upcoming_Chairman_Selections.asp" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

A little slow on the uptake over there, huh Charlie? [tease.gif]

By the way, thanks for this, I’m in for a couple.

i need to give people more credit here intelligence wise. neener

Hold onto to your hats people…if you want this wine, I got an even better deal. PM if interested. Plenty in stock.

Max beat me to do this one.

This deal has been going on in NY for about one month. However you are not allowed to advertise it below $100.

WHWC is going to get into some serious trouble with the Barrett family.

More trouble than it is worth, in some ways.

I used to get into trouble for selling Montelena for $59 on futures. The winery called to scream and yell. They are pretty serious about respecting “advertised” price on this one.

Nevertheless, I will go cheaper than Max. neener

not the first time WH has gotten in trouble for advertising prices they shouldn’t. I remember grabbing a few bottles of the 04 D.R. Stephens for $60 and the winery not being happy about it.