2005 Leoville Las Cases - Have you had it? Thoughts?

Anyone have this recently? Any positive or negative impressions? The few CT reviews are not consistent.

Also, does anyone know what this was early in the futures pricing?

I have had it five times. None this year though. Which is strange because the last time I opened a bottle it was corked and I planned to open another bottle. I would guess this is shut down now. Here is the thread from ebob on the corked bottle (not that it matters!):

http://dat.erobertparker.com/bboard/showthread.php?t=189969&highlight=leoville+las+cases+2005" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The wine is pretty spectacular though. And worth finding if you can. As always price is the key.

I think RP gave this 98-99 points and said it will be a very, very long lived wine. It was selling at Costco on release for 299.99/bottle. I have not tasted the 05; last vintages I tasted were the 2000 and 2003. Great wine and one could argue it should be elevated to first growth status…who knows [shrug.gif] Either way, it’s a great second growth. Wish I could give you more info. I love LLC wine but the 05’ IMO seemed overpriced, even at the Costco level, especially when the Cos and Pape Clement were 2/3’s of the price and now even less. And keep in mind, while not as good, the 03’ was $100/bottle at Costco when they were closing it out.

Thanks for the info. I figured from some others I’ve spoken to that it sounds shut down. I’ve found some for $200.ea. The price seems solid, but I’m just wondering how much further it may drop.