2005 Fevre - Chablis - Les Clos

2005 Fevre - Chablis - Les Clos - lost my notes so this brief note is from memory.

Hazelnut nose - rich, full bodied wine, with honey and lemon, and a long finish. Drinking beautifully, and in pristine condition. A real treat. 93+

excellent to know.

Yeah, lucky bastard. (not you, Josh.) Has been sort of a crap shoot thru this phase with Fevre. I think I have a 2004 Preuses and maybe a Clos left. I can peer at the bottles under the light, but you never really know until you try them. I really like the producer–it has just really been hard to age them during this phase. Perhaps I may have some 05, but the same applies. when they make it thru, they are very nice.