2005 Felettig C-M 'Carrieres'

I have several bottles of Felettig that I’ve picked up here and there but hadn’t actually tried any yet (I have a bit of this problem–I pick up or order various producers that sound new or promising, but I dislike drinking burgs that are closed or ‘not ready yet’, so many of them sit for a while.)

Great color, bright deep red, no bricking. nose–restrained, hints at deep dark red fruits. Palate shows a fair amount of structure and ‘minerality’, moderate tannins, nice palate weight, black raspberry type fruit, again pretty restrained. Overall the wine seems strong but is holding way back, and even after 3 hours hasn’t really become welcoming or enjoyable. Even the next day, similar profile.

To me this is a promising wine, but I wouldn’t try it again for another 2-5 years.

Nice to hear an update on this producer. I tend to buy first and drink later, and the Felettig’s I’ve had (first in 09) seemed well done but could also use more time too.