2005 Dom. Durieu CdP Reserve Lucile Avril

Okay, I got sucked in by Jon Rimmerman’s prose on this one. Well, that and the fact that it was in 375ml bottles, and The Price Was Right.

On opening, not giving much, either in the nose or in the mouth. In fact, it seemed thin and bitter tasting. After 30-45 minutes, however, this was beginning to rock. It went from thin to medium/full bodied. Rosemary, lavender, licorice and cherry in the nose. The bitterness gave way to ripe. silky fruit in the mouth. No oak. Jon wrote that this was traditional vinification, seeing only cement tanks and no new oak, and that showed.

It kept opening with time. Unfortunately, since this was a 375 ml bottle, there was not much time. I’ll open the next bottle a few hours in advance of drinking.

Nice wine, and worth the <$20 tariff.

Interesting; thanks for the review! I got sucked in on the '06 (750s tho). I’m going to lay them down based on the two reviews I’ve seen. One of which included “tight as a drum.”

I just took delivery of mine last week. I just put them in the cellar figuring I’ll get to them in another few years. The '07 got good reviews, not that I bought any.