2005 Côte Rôtie, Brune et Blonde (Guigal)

Can’t say that I have much love for Syrah, but i did used to buy the occasional Côte Rôtie until I started buying more CA wine about 20 years ago. But a few recent tastes of some French versions have made me think about trying them out again. A 2007 La Turque could even be my wine of the year!
This was from a 375ml. Pop and pour and drunk over 2 hrs. Wine is not opaque! Dark ruby red, close to black at the center, bricking initially. Starts out with a more restrained nose of wet rocks but quickly turns to violets, meat drippings, and game. Purely savory. Palate is fully resolved, elegant, balanced medium mid palate, and nice length. Not a great wine, but definitely worthy and an outstanding wine.
Next up 2003 Hermitage (Guigal) and 2007 Côte Rôtie, Brune et Blonde (Guigal) also from 375ml.