2005 Burgundy Village Wines !

About 20 years ago Meadows said - mtge. your home, do whatever you have to do to buy the 2005s - I think he may have been right ?!

2005 Jeanne Jacques Confuron - Chambolle Musigny - absolutely pure crystalline nose of dark red cherries.
Classy palate and long finish.

2005 - Lignier - Morey - Rue de Vergy - this wine is bursting at the seams with Morey fruit, and great concentration. Hard to believe this is a Village wine. Absolutely lovely ! Punches above it’s appellation.

Looking forward to sampling the '05 premier crus in a few years. If these Village wines are any indication. the holders of the '05s may be in for a pleasant surprise ?

More like 12-13 years ago :wink:

2005 Burgundies have everything you want but they will require much more time especially with the producers who make structured wines, I WON’T BE OPENING mines for another 5 to 10 years, had a Jadot’s village Gevray few weeks ago and it was still tight.

Math much? :wink:

My mistake - true about 13 years ago.

To expand on the subject:

Sampled a 2005 Ponsot - Morey - Allouttes last week that was rocking !

Agreed - most 05s need time, but that was one pre cru that is drinking quite nicely !

The jury might be out on the '05s, but so far, to this taster, they seem to be living up to their promise.

I opened a mugnier ‘05 chambolle and a de vogue ‘05 chambolle for thanksgiving. I thought they were in an amazing spot for drinking and showed that the vintage is living up to the billing from the time of release. I’m going to start pulling and drinking more ‘05 village wines in the near future.

funny. Mortgage your home. I did that to buy 99 DRC after tasting them in barrel still the domaine. Great decision.

I’ve been consistently buying 2005s whenever I can find them for a reasonable price (which is more often than you might expect). I actually think 2005 has become significantly underrated because (1) they are such long agers and (2) they became so expensive on release. But it’s such a special vintage. Not only that: many are starting to drink well and in 5-10 years we will all wish we really had mortgaged the house.

I drank a bottle of Gevrey-Chambertin “Les Evocelles”, Dom. de la Vougeraie a couple of months ago. It was outstanding and drinking very well. It still has a bit of upside, but by no means was I sorry to open it. Pascal Marchand was the winemaker at Vougeraie at that time.

I found a rare picture of Meadows from 1999 when he was prognosticating about the 2005 vintage:

I opened an ‘05 village Vögue a couple weeks ago and was struck on how fresh and primary it was out the bottle for a ~15 yo wine. ‘05 may end up being one of the near ‘immortal’ Burgundy vintages.

Sell them. Pay off your mortgage. Buy lots of regular Burgundy with the remainder champagne.gif