2004 San Giusto a Rentennano "Percarlo" - such boring and disappointing

2004 San Giusto a Rentennano "Percarlo"

Last night I opened a case of this famous SuperTuscan. I was a big fan of this Sangiovese 10 years ago, but this big&bold expression of Sangiovese is such boring and disappointing right now. Lacks totally of soul&character. Such one-dimensional on the palate, simply plum&chocolate and again plum&chocolate. No finesse whatsoever. There is also no sign of improvement to discover for the future. This wine received 96/100 by a well-kown wine-critic. SORRY, I forgot his name. I am really surprised to see how my palate changed over the years. But now, with 11 bottles left, it looks like that I have to do a lot of Coq au Vin in the coming weeks, months.

BTW, last week I had a 2004 Pog­gio Sca­lette " Il Car­bo­nai­one ". There you will find soul&character together with length&complexity and such young right now. Next bottle in 5 years and maybe best in 10 years.


P.S. I am so happy that 90% of my wines in the cellar are Riesling.

Il Carbonaione is year in and year out a fabulous wine. Re Coq au Vin. Give the Percarlo to auction. Many will like the style of this wine. I am not a fan either of the bold wines any more.

90% Riesling? Come to Baden and let´s have a decent Pinot Blanc. You need something different :slight_smile:

Good idea!

The winemaker Leon Gold from Baden will come next week to Berlin and visiting me. Maybe he will bring some Pinot Blanc?!

P.S. I just looked at cellartracker and I found 3 descriptions from 3 taster which were quite interesting.

“Overall, this is more wood than fruit at present”

“Not sure if almost too ripe”

“Not as much secondary flavor as I might have expected.”

I have had a few vintages of Percarlo, and never been impressed.

Too young maybe?
His wines of the 90s rock, why should that change? And he was and never will be "prince charming". He makes a Merlot that I put regularily in a blind tasting at Piemont. I for my part took all of that to stabilise my stacks and before that is drunken or moved I could not even reach one bottle. You dont have to like it but I consider his way of winemaking old style.

Heartfelt greetings to Berlin

Old style? Really???

When it comes to old style and Sangiovese, then I would rather mention Montevertine Le Pergola Torte

The best Sangiovese I`ve ever had 1990 Montevertine Le Pergola Torte by Magnum


1997 Percarlo was and is very impressive.

This bottling was legendary, surprised it has gone in this direction


I sold a couple of these, but I have 2 bottles left. May have to try one over Greek Easter next month.

I remember it was a very stunning wine at release.
However it can seem a bit clumsy now.
I have faith that it will show well in some years. Remmber the 15 years rule
Martin, I prefer the Pergole Torte as well. Also in 2004.
See you.