2004 Bouchard Corton Charlemagne

The cork came out very easily and felt a little like it was silicone coated, but I’m not positive. Almost clear in color, which is good news, this has lemon, green apple, stones, and a great finish. Without the dreaded premox this should live for quite some time - really good. For those of you looking for scores, this is certainly a 1 on the Alan Weinberg scale. Maybe even 1+!!

Is this a baby killing for fear of premox or just for fun? I have very little white Burg but have 3 of these – and have tended to enjoy young white burg. Sounds like an invite to kill one.

Eric, it is an awesome bottle and would not be concerned about premox on this particular wine. Have had it probably 5 or 6 times now, and each time it was a pleasure to drink. It is young, no question, but approachable and opens up quickly. Consistant notes to Jerry’s, but would add a little petrol up front in the nose, as well as good minerality and floral characteristics!

Bouchard does absolute wonders with Corton - both red and white. Their Corton Charlemagne is outstanding year in, year out. The 05s are absolutely special and still drinking very very well.

I can"t take credit for the Zanotti binary scale. Glad it was a 1.

Thanks. I found this wine way too young a year ago, and buried the rest, hoping for the best …

I love the Bouchard Corton Charlemagne’s.
This one is particularly good. Maybe not up to the 07 which is really on another planet but extremely good.
Great note Jerry and much appreciated.